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Southeast Wisconsin Chimney Flashing

Qualified Repairs & Replacements

Chimney flashing is an important component in chimney and roof construction that helps protect against leaks. It’s a waterproof material that is used to funnel water away from the construction joints and is usually placed between the slab and brickwork at the roof and chimney connection, the crown base and the gap between the flue liner and the chimney.

Chimney flashings can come in a number of different materials, although metal is the most popular for its ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

At Northwest Roofing, Inc., we offer skilled chimney flashing repair and replacement services to residents throughout southeast Wisconsin. We can evaluate your current situation and make a recommendation based on years of experience. We’ll help you determine the best course of action for your chimney flashing repair.

We’re licensed and insured to handle your chimney flashing repair from start to finish! We’re dedicated to quickly resolving your issues and want to make sure to provide the highest-quality products and services available in the industry.

At Northwest Roofing, Inc., we can’t wait to help you with your southeast Wisconsin chimney project. Contact us today for a quote!